Waban-Aki (Abénaquis)

Translation: Philippe Charland

Narration: Philippe Charland

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Waban-Aki (Abénaquis)


The past tells us a story. This story is white. It transpires submission. As they say, colonial mentality in the face of savagery. A few pictures here and there, in a Quebec history textbook. Native Americans growing corn, the others, nomads who hunt and gather. Animal skins on their shoulders and shaman healers. Cone-shaped tents, others in the shape of semicircles and longhouses, in which we lived by the dozen. The imaginary just stands there, observing lifestyles significantly different from those civilized. Often the story does not reveal any more.
We wish to take a look at the story, not as a distant disappointment, but rather as being part of it, as having taken part in its development. The story we wish to share with you, is no longer only white, it takes place inland, at sea and within men. The aim is try to look at who we are and to accept where we come from. This story has flaws and it also has incredible power, resilience and temerity. Its main purpose; a desire for change.

We want to resolve collective amnesia. Tell. Share. Translate into reality. Withstand the test of time. Accompany the world’s affairs. Establish a foothold. To recreate a we to populate the present territories, these territories that made us.

This we which we wish to shout out, this we in turmoil in which we carry all fragmented hopes. This we whom we are trying to tame.

To experience diversity again that now resides within us.