Linguistic Resources

Native Languages of the Americas: Preserving and promoting American Indian languages

Website containing a section in the Aboriginal language of the Americas, offering various resources and links to dictionaries, lexicons, lessons and other tools.

Algonquin Linguistic Atlas – Atlas linguistique algonquin

Interactive website containing several lexical sets and the translation of written and spoken words in several Aboriginal languages ​​of the Algonquian family of Canada. Dots on a map allow you to select different speakers to hear different pronunciations. Conversation handbooks can be downloaded here.

Commission de toponymie du Québec

Aboriginal toponymy directories – downloadable PDFs of publications concerning the toponymy of several Aboriginal nations of Quebec.

Aboriginal toponymic heritage – a list of more than 1000 names of places in Quebec in Aboriginal languages.

First Voices

A linguistic portal converging various linguistic resources for several Aboriginal nations of Canada; pronunciation guides, dictionaries, educational games, keyboards, etc.

See general resources.

See general resources.

East Cree

English/French/Eastern Cree online resources: grammar, lessons, dictionary, conversation handbook, IT tools, inventory of teaching materials, etc.


Online Cree Dictionary

Dictionary and linguistic resources (including syllabic converter).


French/English/Innu dictionary.


Institut Tshakapesh – “Innu language resource” section

Includes educational games, book inventories, grammar notes and applications for the online dictionary.

Inuktitut Living Dictionnary – Dictionnaire vivant

Online dictionary in French/English/ Nunavut Inuktitut.


Commission scolaire Kativik

Various linguistic resources to learn Nunavut Inuktitut; dictionary, keyboards, educational games.


Tusaalanga Institute

Inuktitut language learning website; lessons, glossary, grammar, exercises.



French/Inuktitut dictionary



Website offering various online dictionaries which can be downloaded.

See general resources.

Mi’kmaq – Mi’gmaq Online

Online dictionary; written and oral terms.


Mi’gmaq Language resources

Online dictionary, blog, wiki.

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Dictionnaire abénakis

French/Abenaki dictionary

Wendat Kwawennontahkwih

Website offering a French/English/Wendat dictionary as well as lessons and exercises for learning the Wendat language.

Passamaquoddy – Maliseet Language Portal

Language portal for Maliseet language research and learning; dictionary linking to videos, pronunciation guide, lexicons.